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Products for sale at the MULRANNY CRAFT SHOP at the Old Irish Goat Centre.

Our shop is located on the N59 on the way into Mulranny from Newport about 1 km from the village.

Watch for the sign on the road!


END OF SEASON CLEARANCE SALE starts during the Darks Night Festival on the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of October 2017.

 These are one-off prices and represent excellent value for unique products 


The following wool rugs are offered at special clearance prices at the end of the year.  Previously on sale for €165.  Will be on sale for €95!



    New  Products 2017


    Flower corsages                                                                         Chair mats for seat and back


       Soft Torcs 


We also have a limited selection of beautiful patchwork throws on offer:





Made by Achill artist Alexandra Van Tuyll, these wall hangings can be created from a photograph with any colour scheme in mind. Sized for the room and wall space, they are therefore price dependent. Please contact Cheryl on 087 207 1641 to discuss possibilities.





The Old Irish Goat Hand Puppets: €45

The heads are needle felted and every part stitched by hand. It takes about 12 hours to make one goat puppet and each one is different. Fun to make and even more fun to have around!


Rugs. €140 - €180

These soft thick rugs are hand woven on a peg loom. There is a lot of prep work before weaving begins. Colorful selvedges obtained from the woollen mills are sorted and counted into bundles. Then the 1 meter strips are sewn together for warps on the loom. After a color palette of bundles has been selected and carefully numbered, weaving begins. It takes about 40 hours to make one rug, each one different and carefully finished. Colour selections vary.

Rugs available at the following outlets:  The Craft House in Westport, Lunasa Gift shop in Belmullet and EOM Studio by appointment: 087 207 1641






Mosaic Mats €44

Made from local sheep wool or recycled materials, these mats are great for a hearth, a chair seat or other decorative function.       






Woven wool chair covers  €40 a pair

Soft and comfortable.  These fit most chairs with ties on the back. Easily washed gently in soapy warm water and laid flat to dry.

Sold in pairs, colours vary.


Art Cushions  €75

 These art Cushions are made by artist Sally McKenna. They are all one of a kind and feature Croagh Patrick and Clew Bay.




Fushia Flowers Applique Art Cushion  €75


Photo pending


Patchwork quilts €140 - €180

These colorful woolen patchwork quilts are fully backed and expertly stitched by our Gift of Hands ladies. They come in various sizes and we are happy to make one in your color choice if we have the materials on hand. Matching cushion covers are free with the quilt or sold separately. 



Patchwork Pillows  (€40 - €54 depending on size) 

Bedspreads of different sizes and colours.



 Snugglies: €55 - €60

Knee-throws tastefully decorated.







 These are made from pieces of mohair material that are big enough to sew together to form a partial throw.

Each one is different and decorated with tasteful style.


 Wall hangings: €45 to €165

Made with 1 inch, 1 metre strips, these colourful wall hangings are called:

Eye-See-You wallhangings.




These are all one of a kind wall hangings and mirrors.




Christmas Decorations

Part of the year we all enjoy - the making of Christmas decorations. 



Fibre Pins €6

Cheap and cheerful!  Each one different. Decorated with beads, sequins and whatever else we can find in our boxes of donated materials.




 Small floor mats  €35 - €45

Soft and colourful, these mats have a rubber backing to prevent slippage and can be easily washed in warm soapy water and laid flat to dry.





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