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Gift of Hands Showcase event:   TRANSFORM Discard to Dynamic. 

If you are a maker and use at least 65% recycled, discard material or found objects in your work,  you will most certainly be considered for this show.  We need a variety of materials represented. The work needs to be skillfully done and will be evaluated by a team for inclusion.

The showcase will be held at Essence of Mulranny (EOM) studio in Mulranny. The event will take place on Sept 15th 2017. Opening Reception: 7 pm. Open House: Sept 16th & 17th 2 pm to 5 pm



Gift of Hands helps in restoring the Victorian Shelter on the Mulranny Causeway.

The Old Victorian Shelter on the causeway walk was in sorry shape in 2015.   Used for over 100 years  as a shelter from the rain, it was mostly the sheep who sheltered there.  At the present time this mosaic is being constructed at EOM Studio in Mulranny and will be installed on the South east wall once completed. It depicts a sea theme with mackerel, shells, seaweeds and more.  



 Gift of Hands and E.O.M. Studio donated money for restoration and are now working on mosaics based on local nature themes to be installed over the next few years.   The wooden benches, courtesy of the Mulranny Green Plan and Tidy Towns have been replaced by sturdy boards made from recycled milk cartons and coke bottles.

As work progresses, more photos will be posted.  The mosaic is marine themed with mackerel, seaweeds, corals, shells, jelly fish and more. 




Working with Children

The Mulranny School children made a trip down to the beach to help with the grouting of the mosaic installation on the toilet block.  This Gift of Hands project was completed by many different hands in the community, thanks to graphic designer Clara Nelson of Phoenix Arizona who drew the design and came to Mulranny to help teach how to install.




During the summer we opened the studio for special children's programs.  In 2016, we had children make fish mosaics to be installed on the outside walls of the Environmental Centre in Mulranny.    In conjunction with the Mulranny Stone Wall Festival, the children did a wonderful job combining stones with glass, beads and shells.



Another class made Mosiac stepping stones for outdoors



2015 Visiting Polymerclay artist:


Christi Friesen  made her third trip back to Mulranny to work with the local ladies as a volunteer Gift of Hands artist.

Her contribution was amazing as she guided the development of the Granuaille Pirate ship and crew.

The Gift of Hands group participated in designing the crew, while Helen Walker, Cheryl Cobern Browne and John Enright constructed the ship out of local driftwood.



 The bodies of the figures are made from chicken bones and dried kelp stalks with polymerclay heads, hands and shoes.  Each one stands about 10 inches tall.

Thanks to Christi for generously sharing her expertise.

This project can be seen at the Mulranny Environmental Centre, now the Old Irish Goat Centre,  on the N59 on the way into Mulranny.



2015 Visting Mosaic artists from USA

Eight volunteer mosaic artists from the USA stayed as guests of E.O.M. for a week while they worked with Gift of Hands to create public mosaics for the village.  The installation on the wall of the Mulranny Environmental centre depicted Handlebars, the iconic Old Irish Goat of Mulranny.

               Learning to lay mosaics                   

               Installing mosaic on Mulranny Environmental building                                                                                                                                           




2015 Raffle fundraiser

The work with recycled materials is very labour intensive and without a dedicated volunteer group, the ability to make things for sale to raise money for the community would be impossible. The 20 -30 women that meet regularly at EOM studio in Mulranny, make everything from quilted bedspreads to floor rugs. The production skills are taught by talented local artists and as ideas are shared, items are developed.



The draw took place on Nov 7th 2015 at a community event.

1. The circular rug went to Dr. Noreen Curtis (Achill)

2. The tufted bedspread went to Sandra Eastman (Dublin)

3. The  goat wallhanging went to Mary Dever (Mulranny)



Made and donated by Alex VanTyull from Achill Island for Gift of Hands. 


2014 Gift to St Brendans Village:

The Ladies of Gift of Hands designed and made this wallhanging for St Brendan's




Items are mostly made with recycled or donated materials.  Essence Of Mulranny Studio (E.O.M. Studio) donates space and utility for the group throughout the year.

100% of the profits go back into the community.

E.O.M. Studio is 1/4 mile from the school and church on the road to the beach in Mulranny. The gate is directly opposite the An Ghaeltacht sign. All welcome.


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